If you have been within earshot of me over the last few days you would know I’m heading to Vegas for a 3 day music festival called Life is Beautiful.

I really never planned to go to Vegas, it’s never been on my radar. I wasn’t really interested in the over glamourized, over illuminated, over intoxicated little patch of desert to the south. When I heard about the Life is Beautiful festival though I was pretty sure it was right for me. In the past I’ve dreamt about Coachella or Burning Man but something deep down stopped me. Maybe it was the line up that year or the disappointing reviews on the commercialization of Burning Man, etc but Life is Beautiful has drawn me in.

What I expect may not be what I get, we’ll see and I’ll let you know, but if I sum up my expectations of Life is Beautiful I’m looking at 3 days filled with incredible music, inspiring art, unique culinary experiences and a bit of mind blowing words from some truly exceptional people. I hope to be reminded that humanity is not in a downward spiral of war and destruction and that somehow, love will conquer all. Big expectations, I know, but it’s Vegas and bigger is better there, right?

On the flip side I’m also really looking for to some me time. It’s been a busy summer. Not physically but emotionally and just well weirdly. I’ve had a lot of job offers and new clients to juggle which always take up a lot of space in my head. I think I’ve done of good job of keeping focused and picking what I can handle with people I like working with but timelines change, get sped up, then sped up again and although I’m blessed for the amazing support I get from my family it wears me down.

So, time for a recharge. Pool side Vegas sounds good to me, why not? Just me, some books to read, a glass (well probably more like a pitcher) of some cool tasty drink and 2 of my most fabulous girlfriends. I’m ready. Wait I’m not ready I still have to pack, write some articles and get my kids off to school and daycare…….sigh.