Adventures in the Kitchen

Today marked a beginning for our little family. Our two boys are now engaging in after school activities. Hello Soccer Mom! Well not exactly, they’ve picked gymnastics, hip hop and swimming for now. This means a lot of scheduling, planning, reminding my husband where and when to drop off, pick up, etc.

Historically we’ve never been really great planners tending to be a bit more on the side of spontaneity rather than well planned. It’s ok, we take the mishaps, frequently in stride and keep our expectations low it usually results in a few good stories, some posted here!

Today was the first day though and I wanted it to go off without missing a beat. Get off to a good start at least. I also wanted to make sure everyone was fed with healthy and energy packed food. My oldest is gymnastics lesson is 2hrs long right at supper time – ekkkk!

What does a Mom do when she’s looking for a great easy recipe – ummmmm Pinterest, of course. I knew I wanted a great salad packed with protein and have been craving fresh flavours lately so I picked a Southwest Salad. I knew the basics and didn’t need a recipe for the salad base but I did for the dressing and hence the Sunday morning, hot coffee, legs curled up under me on the chair beside the fireplace, Pinterest session. I could have stayed there for hours but had to get my youngest to swimming lessons. Eventually I pulled together a few recipes for an avocado dressing and compiled one that suited mine and my youngsters taste.

I didn’t expect to post this until I saw the end result and the combination of colours inspired me to post so here’s a result of the salad with and without the creamy avocado dressing.


I should probably come up with an awesome name for this salad and dressing combo…… about Southwest Salad with Creamy Avocado Cilantro Lime dressing. Ok, it’s not awesome but it is descriptive!

The Salad Basics:

Romaine, thinly sliced (I threw in a bit of fresh basil my friend gave me earlier in the afternoon for a really fresh taste)

Corn, Black Beans, Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese, Grape Tomatoes and pre-cooked chicken (one of those barbecue already to go ones – you could roasted your own but who has the time for that!)

Throw it all together in the quantities you like, salad part done. Sooooo simple!

Creamy Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

Flesh of a whole avocado, a bit of salt, a bit of pepper, a pinch of cumin, a dash of paprika, juice from one small lime, about a 1/4 cup of each of: milk, plain greek yogurt and salsa. Add as much cilantro as you like to suit your taste. Blend it all up and pour it on top.

To be honest mine didn’t really pour I kinda scooped it onto the salad then mixed up the salad really good. Before completely devouring it.

If you’re looking for something really fresh with vibrant colours to eat give it a shot. Substitute anything you like or head on over to Pinterest and find a recipe that suits your taste buds, then let me know if you like it!

Day one off to a good start!