Imagine Gratitude

Well folks Life is Beautiful is undeniably living up to expectations, so glad. Yesterday was filled up with performances from New Politics, Royal Blood, Big Data, Lique, Metric, Soja, Chance the Rapper, Duran Duran, Snoop Dogg and capped with a extraordinary Imagine Dragons set. Phewf, writing it all down it seems overwhelming, but it wasn’t, it was just right.

The connection Imagine Dragons had with the audience was unexpected for me. The lead singer, Dan, is a third generation Las Vegan (I might have made that word up, Vegasite seemed wrong) and the band was formed here, had their up and coming in the Vegas Casinos. I didn’t know their history but it certainly directed a good vibe from the band and the crowd.

One thing I loved was his sincere humbleness on stage. He thanked many early supporters and of course his mom and dad who were in the audience. This got me to thinking about my own kids and how unconditional love and support can be so magical but also nerve wracking as a parent. I want to keep them safe, I want to minimize the rejection they may experience but I also want them to find something they love, even if I don’t love them doing it. I stood in the audience wondering about how hard it must have been for his parents to support his passion for music through, I’m sure, so many ups and down, the self doubt, the verge of collapse moments. He recanted a story of making his Father listen to his recordings in the living room and saying to him “keep doing this son.” I wondered if he knew his son was something special or if he was just responding to the excited gleam in his son’s eyes.

I guess what it boils down to is love, doesn’t it always.

He also told us about being criticized early in his career by a critic for “thanking too many people on stage.” Come on, really?

Well in response, my gratitude extends to you Imagine Dragons. Thank you for sticking to it and making great music. Thank you for putting yourself out there so I can turn up the music in the kitchen when your songs come on and have a dance party with my family. Thank you for allowing me to fist pump and head bang to Radioactive with my sons in the car on the ride home from school. Thank you for using your voice to inspire me to move my body and let everything go in that moment. Thank you for being unabashedly grateful.