I love the art of telling a good story and work to continuously craft my storytelling narratives.

I’m here to push myself to be a better writer, to open myself up to different/new/challenging opportunities and to engage with people all over the globe.

In part I want to get the stories down for my children, friends and family to read and pass on through the generations, our history. I also want to share my perspective of the world in words people respond to with action; spark an idea on a new place to travel or things to see and do in places you may have been to many times before.

What I love most about travel is the connections you make with people near and far from the Peruvian family living in the small village in the mountains you stumble upon to fellow travelers you meet at a surf camp in Nicaragua who happen to live just across the border from you. Having these experiences and seeing how people live is vital to our compassion and understanding as human beings.

This blog will be littered with the adventures of a wanderlust family living on Vancouver Island intent on discovering all the world has to offer, together, piece by piece.

If nothing else hopefully something you read today brings a smile to your face.


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