On coming home

After a 30+hr trek home we arrived exhausted and practically fell into bed. With all the luggage still in the car we slept in our own beds after 16 nights away in 9 different beds, 2 of those “beds” were actually overnight flights in airplane seats.

This morning was an early one, we must be fighting the 5 hr time difference a bit, and highly productive; breakfast, laundry, completely unpacked suitcases, sorted gifts and even time to relax with coffee and write down some thoughts on coming home.

Whenever we are traveling the world I am always wondering “could I live here” sometimes it’s an enthusiastic “yes!” or a resounding “no!” but every single place explored this thought crosses my mind, but this morning as I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and glanced out into the dreary grey day outside I thought about living here, Campbell River, Canada.

We have lived here for 3 years now the longest my husband and I have ever lived anywhere together in the same house. We have had quite the streak of gypsy living in our past even living in a van for 4 months at one point. So what is it about this place that calms our souls?

I love the home we have make together here it’s perfect for our family in so many ways from the openness of the floor plan to the privacy of the back yard it just feels right but it’s still just a house and we’ve owned a few great ones before this. The community is small and mostly welcoming, but often I miss the walkability and diversity of a larger city.

We truly are blessed to be nestled into nature here the ocean and the mountains at our door step but getting into nature is not impossible in the city and if you put in the effort you can certainly find beauty in nature everywhere. So what is it that keeps us connected to this place we call home?

It’s simple really, it’s just family. It’s the amazing relationship my kids have with their grandparents who live a stone’s throw away. It’s the weekly “big” family dinners and the short commute to work that allows us to almost always sit down for dinner together and talk.

We arrived home yesterday, I’m still tired, but today is Family Day in British Columbia, a relatively new holiday for us here on the west coast, and although we’ve been able to enjoy family time together for the last 2 weeks I’m already making my list of groceries and planning the menu for tonight.

Good food on the table for a big family feast that’s the agenda for our family day (oh and unpacking, laundry and grocery shopping).

Coming home. Sometimes I’m ready, sometimes I’m not, but this time it’s feels different like I really am home, our home. It’s a good feeling folks.


*Photos in this post are by Erin Wallis Photography (she’s just quite simply amazing don’t you agree?)


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