2015 the year of mantras?

Every once and a while the words someone says seem to punch me in the head, like the person is speaking directly to me, has been a secret observer to my recent thoughts, when I know it’s impossible. Last night it was Denzel Washington. No Mr Washington and I did not have a heart to heart sit down in my kitchen that would have been pee my pants awesome instead we watched one of his recent new flicks “The Equalizer.”

In the movie Denzel, sitting across the table from a young prostitute, at one point says “…progress not perfection…” So the words aren’t his own someone far away wrote them for his character but the way he said them in his low soft tone….

“Progress not perfection”

What a great line! I rolled it around in my brain over and over again.

Getting your words out there into the world for everyone to see can be a little scary, actually terrifying, and as much as I have to say or write so does everyone else. Everyone may not agree or like what I write and, bless this country and it’s freedoms, people are able to respond with their own free thoughts, good, bad or even frighteningly ugly.

Someone might choose to see all the mistakes, think my work is boring or find it amateur because guess what…..they are right. I’m just beginning. If you choose to join me on my journey you are welcome. I encourage your comments, questions, suggestions, anecdotes, jokes, just know I’m starting with a blank page every single time and by the end I’m hoping to have brought a smile to your face possibly even make you laugh or find yourself contemplating the words, having a conversation with someone about the thoughts or ideas they bring. I’m not ever going to provide the perfect piece, to me, that would be boring. I’m striving for progress not perfection.


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