Why getting lost is sometimes the very best idea!

Recently my BFF and I went on an overnight trip to Woodinville, Washington a sort of Napa Valley of Washington State Wineries near picturesque lakeside Kirkland. Neither of us had ever heard about the area before so after taking several pit stops to shop along the way we found ourselves desperately trying to navigate ourselves to Woodinville Wine Country on a dark and rainy night along very narrow country-like roads. After having already turned ourselves around a few times, I could feel her increasing tension as she continued to drive in circles, I mustered up the determination to confidently say “turn left I’m sure it’s this way.”

Honestly, I think we had already tried each and every other way so it was a bit of process of elimination. We again found ourselves on a broodingly dark narrow road winding into an industrial looking area, my confidence quickly waning.
Finally, on the verge of calling our expedition a disaster, we came upon a place well lit with a bon fire in what looked like a centre courtyard of some sort. Quickly taking stock of the number of cars, quite a few, we decided to pull over and take a closer look. Fingers and toes crossed we could at the very least roast a hot dog over the fire!

We had to park at the furthest reach of the parking lot, possibly a good sign, and as we walked swiftly toward the lights all tucked into our jackets, rain softly beating down on us we stumbled on tired feet toward Woodinville Whiskey Co.

I don’t even drink whiskey but on a cold, dark and rainy night, whiskey sounded just about right.

Just meters from the road the distillery, a long building beautifully lit at night, attaches to a pub called Hollywood Tavern and here’s where getting lost became quite alright.

Sitting in the cozy, warm tavern with the glow of the bon fire just outside streaming in through the rain strewn windows I treated myself to a whiskey milkshake; the “Stumbling Cow” is Woodinville Whiskey infused soft serve vanilla ice cream with apple pie glaze generously drizzled on top – hello taste bud heaven!

If you haven’t tried one it’s worth a stop or detour I’ve certainly found a new love.


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