Master disaster

Tuesday and Thursday noon time yoga class at work is sometimes the only thing that helps me through a long work week. Today I rushed in 10 minutes late, flung down my yoga mat and practically belly flopped into downward dog. Not a pretty picture. My mind had been whirling with distractions all morning and I actually struggled to put on my yoga top arms flailing about in the wrong holes. I was a disaster.

Quickly I got into flow of the sequence and at one point while we are upside down trying to do standing splits (more emphasis on trying, less emphasis on the splits part) my teacher says “every Master was once a disaster” at which point I nearly fell over. One because standing splits is freakin’ hard but also because she just nailed it!

“Every Master was once a disaster”

So as we head into a new year I’ve adopted this as my go to phrase, my mantra of sorts because although I may never actually master anything, other than the art of being a disaster, you have to start from somewhere.



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