Starting out….

Today I finally found the motivation to make it real. I’ve been encouraged for years by family and friends to continue blogging (first attempt ). I always thought I needed to be on some kind of trip, travelling, having out the norm experiences on a daily basis but now I realize it’s just getting it down. Our history.

My husband and I like to travel it’s our element, we “click” the best when we are on the move. We thought having children might change that but it didn’t, it made it better. We recently spent 10 days with our 4 & 2yr old boys bike camping on Savary Island, overnight canoe trip in Sechelt Inlet and followed it up by a few days in the city with family and friends. It was a test. Let’s see how much these kids could handle. Well, I can’t say they surprised us, there were whiney moments, some feet dragging, even a little vomiting but mostly they gobbled up the sunshine, sand and sea as voraciously as they could.




The best part. We didn’t have a tent until 2 days before we left even though 6 of our 10 nights included tent camping, we finally borrowed one from a co-worker. We also didn’t actually know if we could rogue camp on the beach on Savary Island (just crossed out fingers with hope) and Ricardo and I had never canoed together before, ever. If you knew us even in the slightest you know this was probably the source of more than a few terse words, furrowed brows and frustrated sighs but we paddled through it.

So I guess the message is just start, have adventures big or small, maybe write it down and one day someone just might smile when they stumble upon it.



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